In a time honored tradition of iconic bands before us, the Lords of Altamont thought it to be a pertinent time in history to bring ALL fans together to be included upon the making of the next album.
Revolutions on all levels are needed. Societal changes MUST occur. WE need to come together and squash the norms of big box record companies and support the independent labels. It’s time for an upheaval of the norm and to the support the freedom of creative individuals.

With your donation – no matter how big or small – you can help smash the system that chokes music artists into submission. Let the Lords be Lords, wild and free again to create the next original album you have been waiting for.
The Lords of Altamont have created a multi-tiered rewards program so you can also score some righteous and RARE gear.  Up for grabs? Limited edition patches and posters, as well as a chance to score two original Lords cuts as worn by The Preacher himself.