The latest album “Lords Take Altamont”  countinues receiving great reviews. Check this one published in “Merchants Of Air”:

‘The Lords Of Altamont is a band from Los Angeles that has been massively inspired by the legendary festival at Altamont (a counterculture-era rock concert, held on Saturday, December 6, 1969, at the Altamont Speedway in northern California).

 What’s in a name? The Lords Of Altamont have taken all that was good from this period and mix it up with some nice and dirty garage punk. This recipe has produced some great songs in the past.

 Looking at the tracks on this album you can read it is a trip back to Altamont with all songs performed during that festival. Now, I am usually not one to get excited over a cover CD. I thought I knew exactly what to expect but I was in for a surprise. Right from the start the Lords raise the bar for themselves with a marvellous remake of ‘Live With Me’, they definately grabbed my attention.

With ‘Six Days On The Road’ I am completely sold. This already sleazy dirty cult classic has been given a makeover by the Lords; torn apart, ripped to bits, stripped down, poured over with bourbon and rebuilt with some excellent garage punk feeling to it, leaving me feeling extremely happy. From here on the album never lets you go. The record reaches a high with ‘3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds’. This song went straight to my “favorite” folder of my media player. This is a dirty, nasty, no nonsense garage punk version of a rock classic.

The Lords Of Altamont took a big gamble with this album. However, they really mastered it. They delivered some great late sixties rock ‘n’ roll and poured some stunning punk rifs in the mix. I for one will be present when they visit Belgium this fall, and so should you if you’re in for a night of dirty ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.