Jake ‘The Preacher’ Cavaliere and Harry ‘Full Tilt’ Drumdini are happy to announce that Dani ‘Sin’ Sindaco and Zim have joined the band as respectively new guitarist and bassist.  This lineup will debut live on the forthcoming European tour supporting the new album “Lords Take Altamont”.

Jake and Dani have known each other since early 2000 during Jake’s period in The Chelsea Smiles.

Zim and Dani are old friends. They have played together in different outfits and shared the stage with The Lords Of Altamont in several occasions.

About joining The Lords, Dani writes: “Zim and myself are big Lords fans. We are so thrilled to be in the band now. We are ready to give 110% and more. We will make sure the fans won’t miss any of the past members! See you soon on the road!”