Gearhead Records welcomes back to their roster The Lords Of Altamont and announces that their tribute album, “Lords Take Altamont”, will be released in April 2014. 

You’re invited to experience the bruising spirit of that famous free concert of 1969. This gig, the herald of the end of the Summer of Love — confirmed by one infamous homicide — inspired the name of the band.

The Lords rework, if not reinvent, songs by the Rolling Stones, The Flying Burrito Brothers and others who played at the concert itself. Jake ‘The Preacher’ Cavaliere brings together 14 ‘Lords’, past and present, all renowned for giving their all. Re-stoking the fire of “Midnight to 666’s” is producer/engineer, Nic Jodain.


To support the release of the album, The Lords will be touring Europe in the spring/summer 2014.


  “Lords Forever. Forever Lords”